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St. Brigit's Holy Well.
Dolores Whelan,an educator from Dundalk, Ireland discusses rituals associated with St. Brigit.
Gail Donovan, an artist from Adelaide Australia, shares her silk painting of St. Brigit entitled Birthing the Future.

"Holy Women - Healing Wells:
A Celtic Sacred Journey"

St. Brigit of Kildare: Ablaze With God's Womb-Compassion

Some commentators believed that St. Brigit heard confessions, celebrated Mass and ordained clergy. This video includes interviews with Sr. Mary Minehan from Kildare and Dolores Whelan from Dundalk, Ireland. There is powerful art work depicting Brigit as a woman for the millennium by Gail Donovan from Adelaide Australia. It also takes viewers to Brigit's wells and features footage of beautiful stained glass windows...including one depicting her ordination as bishop.

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"Holy Women - Healing Wells:
A Celtic Sacred Journey"

St. Winefride of Holywell, Wales

St. Winefride's shrine in North Wales has been a popular place of pilgrimage and site of miracles from the seventh century to our times. This video tells the story of the Celtic princess and recounts healings that have occured at Holywell. The statue of St. Winefride depicts the saint standing with her crozier in one hand and carrying a plam of martydom in the other hand. The stained glass window portrays St. Winefride and her uncle, St.Beuno sitting near the sacred fountain that became known as Holywell. The third picture is a contemporary photo of Holywell.

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"Holy Women - Healing Wells:
A Celtic Sacred Journey"

Discovering the Sacred Feminine in Celtic Mythology

This is part one in a series of television and video programs on Celtic spirituality. In this program, "Discovering the Sacred Feminine in Celtic Mythology", Noragh Jones, founder of Woman-Spirit Wales and Ann Cowie from "Trails thru Wales", share delightful myths and legends of the feminine divine in the Gaelic tradition. In a deep way, stories like the Hag of Beara, teach us to laugh and play and discover our true wisdom as we age. Warrior women like Macha, Maeve, Morrigu, and Arianrod, challenge us to speak truth to power, and to champion equality and justice in our world today. Images such as The Three-in-One, Virgin, Mother and Crone, and sheela-na-gigs, ancient fertility symbols, birth us into wholeness and harmony with our universe.

Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan is author of eighteen books including Praying with Visionary Women. Praying with Women of the Bible and The Healing Power of Prayer. She is producer and host of GodTalk, an interfaith television program aired on cable stations across the U.S. These popular GodTalk videos are available now, Women in the Winds of Change, twenty-seven women from different religions, races and generations share their search for spirituality, equality and justice.
In Quest of the Celtic Soul presents an extraordinary view of Ireland's sacred heritage. Exploring God's Boundless love presents powerful prayer-meditations that focus on God's love, forgiviness, healing and empowerment.

New! Just Released in Fall 2001
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Join Jack Meehan and his family on a journey to his beloved homeland. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Aran Islands, the breathtaking mountains and lakes of Connemara in County Galway, the stunning Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, magnificent sunsets and wild flowers in County Laois. Explore sacred sites of Celtic Saints such as St. Enda's Well, St. Gobnait's Church, and St. Patrick's Holy Mountain - Croagh Patrick. Experience the devotion of the Irish people to Mary, mother of Jesus, at Lady Well in County Laois, as well the inspirational music fo the Ballyroan Brass Band.

Contemplates a precious treasure from the past., the High Cross at Monasterboice. This program concludes with an Irish blessing, an ancient Celtic prayer, and questions for reflection and discussion.


"Grandpa's Stories of Ireland"

A heartwarming program that will charm the
whole family. Granpa Meehan shares with
his grandchildren, Katie and Danny, delightful
tales of growing up "a long time ago."

Join them in a magical land of badgers, rabbits,
fairies, banshees and raths. Enjoy old Irish
melodies playing in the background.

New Video!
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Clergy Sex Abuse in Roman Catholic Church: Prevention, Healing and Transformation

In this GodTalk special program a panel of leading sexual abuse experts join host/producer Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan in a discussion of steps the church can take to prevent, heal and transform the clergy sex abuse tragedy. Guests include: Dr. Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist from John Hopkins Hospital University who treats sex dysfunctions and who is an advisor to U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops; Joe McDonald, a former altar boy who alleges that he was a victim of clergy sexual abuse ; Dr. Patricia Dalton, a psychologist who specializes in family practice and who writes articles for the Outlook section of the Washington Post; and Lisa Hunt, a psychotherapist who treats sex offenders in the state of Virginia

Inspiring Video On Celtic Spirituality

"In Quest of the Celtic Soul"

Bridget Mary Meehan returns to the land of her birth to give us an extraordinary view of the faith, myths, and celebrations of Ireland that are part of its spiritual heritage and explores the lives of women who were mystics, activists and leaders in the early Celtic church.

The unhurried paddling of swans on the River Erkina (front cover) portray the Celtic soul journey-to-wholeness in communication with creation. People of every tradition will be inspired by the exquisite unfolding of an ancient spiritual legacy.

As you journey In Quest of the Celtic Soul, discover the wisdom of this mystical tradition by: -encountering the tranquility of the "thin places"
- places of pilgrimage sacred to the Irish.

- where the veil between past, present and future is nearly transparent. -contemplating the lives of Ita of Killedy, Cannera of Bantry Bay, Gobnait of   Ballyvourney and Brigit of Kildare
- amazing women who lived their vision
- and whose lives continue to inspire through the ages and in every   generation.
-discovering the spirit of the land and the warmth of its people.
-opening yourself to the Celtic passion for life and discovery of God's   presence in all places and at all times.
-enjoying the music, song, and dance of Bru Boru from Cashel, County   Tipperary and scenes of Siamsa Tire's theatrical production of "The Children   of Lir" from Tralee, County Kerry.

Dr. Meehan, producer of this video, is a Sister for Christian Community and author of eighteen books including Praying with Women of The Bible and Praying with Visionary Women. She is producer and host of GodTalk, a cable TV program which draws together people from many faith traditions to discuss pressing social, moral and spiritual concerns and to discern common ground. Women in the Winds of Change, a popular video resource for GodTalk is a dialogue among twenty-seven women on present-day issues toward the development of the global vision needed for the 21st century.



"Exploring God's Boundless Love"

A powerful, life-transforming video weaving together

-beautiful nature scenes of trees, birds, flowers, rivers, mountains, ocean, and snow to celebrate our communion with Earth in the dance of creation

-stunning icons and images that reflect masculine and feminine experiences of the Holy by prominent artists such as Doris Klein, Robert Lentz, and Janet McKenzie

-gentle music featuring relaxing instrumental melodies such as "Rachel's Song", "Quiet Escapes" and "Beautiful Thoughts" composed by Dave Combs and performed by Gary Prim

-soothing chant of "Father, Father" and "Mother Divine" that expresses divine, unconditional love composed and produced by Kurt Van Sickle

-inspiring scripture that presents a whole new joyful way of living

-powerful prayer-meditations that focus on God's love beyond all imagining and that offer encounters with divine forgiveness, healing and empowerment

-positive affirmations that reflect your inner wisdom and that communicate the message "with God, all things are possible"

-thoughtful questions for individual and group reflection and sharing to deepen awareness that God's tender love is always at work in our lives.

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Popular Video On Women's Empowerment

"Women in the Winds of Change"

Conversations with 27 women from different religions, races, and generations who share their passionate search for spirituality, equality, and justice in our world. In these programs Jewish, Muslim and Christian women build bridges of understanding, reclaim their common biblical heritage and discuss challenging spiritual issues including:

- Discovering Women in the Bible
- Recovering the Sacred Feminine
- Working for Peace in Jerusalem
- Experiencing Women’s Empowerment
- Overcoming Racism
- Dreaming the Earth
- Creating Sacred Circles
- Reconciling Feminism with Spirituality

Bridget Mary Meehan, producer and host of GodTalk, a TV series on cable-access stations, and author of eighteen books including Praying with Women of the Bible and Praying with Visionary Women, interviews prominent theologians, authors, liturgists, activists, and religious leaders.

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Series A: The Healing Power of Prayer Series B: Women of God Series C: Gender and Sexuality
Series D: Women’s Empowerment Series E: Mysticism Series F: Women’s Spirituality
Series G: The Power of Forgiveness Series H: Caregivers During Terminal Illness Series I: Healing Touch
Series J: Rome Has Spoken Series K: Celtic Spirituality Series L: Women Dream the Earth
Series M: Feminist Spirituality and Theology Series N: Women in the Winds of Change Series 0: InterFaith Dialogue
Series P: Social Justice Series Q: Teens and Children Series R: Women’s Spirituality in the Workplace
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