Dear Prospective Sponsor:

GodTalk, a new non-profit cable access TV series is now available for national distribution and I am asking for your help. This program is currently on 17 stations in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and New York, North Carolina and Texas.

The focus of GodTalk is on building bridges of understanding between people from different religions and faith traditions. This program fosters equality and justice for Women in the Church and raises other cutting edge issues such as Church Authority, Racism, Sexism, Science and Religion, Ecology and Theology, Mysticism, Forgiveness, Therapeutic Touch, and Celtic Spirituality. If you or someone you know can sponsor GodTalk in your area, the steps are simple:

1. Call the Program Manager of your local cable station and ask what is needed to sponsor a program. In most cases, you will be asked to complete a form certifying that there is no commercial or pornographic material on the tapes and to list the title of the programs you want to see on the air.

2. Contact me - so that I can let you know about the tapes available.

3. When the station agrees to schedule programs, I will mail the required three-quarter inch studio tapes to you as sponsor. You then deliver the tapes to the studio. If requested, I can provide the station with a nine minute promotional tape to preview GodTalk.

4. Once GodTalk is on the air, spread the word. I have reprints of several articles that have appeared in the Washington metro area press and in the National Catholic Reporter. As always, I am available to help with publicity and in any way needed.

It is important to know that these tapes are provided free of charge to the cable stations. Local access is that part of the your cable programming that is designed to respond to the local viewer in contrast to commercial programming that the cable company purchases. Thank you for your interest in this program.

Bridget Mary Meehan