Dedicated Servers Description

Owning a dedicated server plainly indicates that the whole server device is dedicated solely to you. That is to say that all of the server maker’s resources, including CPU, memory and web storage space, will be at your disposal only. This will offer you higher versatility to extend your web presence and will allow much faster website load speeds.

With a dedicated server, you have overall command over the physical device. You can reboot the server anytime you need to, and set up any software applications on it. That is to say that you have total autonomy as far as administering your online presence is worried. Since the server maker is solely for you, you will be protected against any possible hacker exploitations and overload problems. The dedicated server strategies from us, offer effective Intel Atom and AMD Opteron processor-powered hardware setups and lightning-fast network connection speeds ensured by Gbit network user interface cards. You will receive plentiful information space, web traffic and RAM allocations for your increasing hosting requirements and 1 dedicated IP for your online tasks. You will be able to pick an Operating System and activate any software apps supported by it thanks to the root gain access to and SSH access that we offers you.

Service-Level Agreements and Charge-Free Bonuses with Every Dedicated Server
Each dedicated server is supported by a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime service-level agreement and is set up for you totally free. Your dedicated hosting web server features a totally free web hosting Control Panel– the company’s in-house made, point-and-click Hepsia Control Panel. Also, you might gain from the complimentary DirectAdmin activation or demand a cPanel activation. If you require help handling your dedicated webhosting server, you can benefit from our handled hosting packages, which consist of backups, weekly OS updates, customized software application activations, script error repairing treatments, etc. All these optional services are provided throughout the signup treatment and you can likewise request them via your Dedicated Plan Manager tool.

Our dedicated hosting servers and managed server plans supply the perfect mix of remarkable efficiency and protection for your sites. Give it a shot right now and you will receive a free-of-charge domain name reseller account and the ClientExec billing software tool for your webhosting reseller needs. Find the best web hosting companies in south africa here.

Hosting – the most extensive and typically utilized hosting service today. It’s used for hosting website files, whose kind depends on the OS the web server is utilizing – Linux or Windows. Various sort of files need various server OSs, otherwise they won’t be revealed properly on the World Wide Web. This sort of hosting may impose data storage area and traffic limitations, server root access and main processing unit usage limitations.

Based on the objective and on the goals, the user should choose the sort of web server that he needs for his task, and, of course, the web hosting business that’s going to supply it. There are a number of kinds of webhosting servers, based upon the specifications and the website hosting options that they use. These are:

Shared Website Hosting Server – a shared webhosting server offers a smaller sized quantity of system resources, which, naturally, is reviewed the rate of the service. It can be utilized for hosting little size and medium scale web portals, which do not require huge quotas of information storage area and bandwidth.

Semi-dedicated Servers – they operate on the really exact same principle as the shared web servers. Nevertheless, there are much less customers sharing the same hosting server. Each of them will have a larger quota of the web server’s resources like RAM, information storage, bandwidth and CPU. Perfect for hosting heavy sites that do not require server root gain access to.

VPS are excellent for medium size web pages, which do require root access to the hosting server’s setup files. Normally, there are a handful of private virtual server hosting accounts accommodated on the same server. However, each of them is independent from the others and has its own OS.

Dedicated Server – an entirely dedicated webhosting server set up and accessed by you and just you. It ensures a mammoth quantity of resources. It likewise supplies complete root-level gain access to, which makes it an excellent environment for any type of online portal that demands a website hosting service.