Series N: "Women in the Winds of Change"

Conversations with 27 women from different religions, races, and generations who share their passionate search for spirituality, equality, and justice in our world. In these programs Jewish, Muslim and Christian women build bridges of understanding, reclaim their common biblical heritage and discuss challenging spiritual issues including:
- Discovering Women in the Bible
- Recovering the Sacred Feminine
- Working for Peace in Jerusalem
- Experiencing Women’s Empowerment
- Overcoming Racism
- Dreaming the Earth
- Creating Sacred Circles
- Reconciling Feminism with Spirituality

Bridget Mary Meehan, producer and host of GodTalk, a TV series on cable-access stations, and author of eighteen books including Praying with Women of the Bible and Praying with Visionary Women, interviews prominent theologians, authors, liturgists, activists, and religious leaders:

Tracy Guerin Klirs and Janice Garfunkel,
Rabbis Cheryl Sanders and Diana Hayes,
African-American Theologians Sr. Mary Irving and Sr. Rea McDonnell, School Sisters of Notre Dame Helen Leneman,
Jewish Cantor; Joyce Singer,
Jewish Educator Barbara Cullom,
Chaplain at Hospice in N. Va. Nicole Correri and Tannaz Haddadi,
Muslim Activists Nahla Asali,
Muslim from Jerusalem Michal Shohat,
Jew from Jerusalem Fatin Muhawi,
Christian Palestinian Diann Neu,
Liturgist and Co-Founder of Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual Majorie Bankson,
President of Faith and Work Sr. Chris Schenk, Co-Founder of Future Church Andrea Johnson,
Coordinator of Women’s Ordination Conference Rev. Rosemari Sullivan, Rector of St. Clement’s Church in Alexandria, Va Jane Holmes Dixon, Suffragen Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Washington D.C. Dr. Sara Ebenreck,
Ecofeminist Dr. Sharon Friedman,
Scientist Maureen Fiedler and Linda Rabben,
Editors of Rome Has Spoken Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig,
Authors of Sacred Circles Carol Lee Flinders,
Author of At the Root of This Longing Dances and Dramatizations by Martha Ann Kirk.
Songs "Wings Unfurled" and "Washerwoman God" by Colleen Fulmer.

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