Series M: Feminist Spirituality and Theology - a three (3) part series on some cutting edge challenges facing women of faith at the dawning of the 21st century and a discussion of the issues raised by feminist and womanist theology.

1. Reconciling Feminism and Spirituality. Guest Carol Lee Flinders, author of At the Root of this Longing, shares her journey to understand and reconcile the powerful forces of feminism and spirituality.

2. Images of God. Two(2)-part panel discussion that presents the way images of the Divine Feminine can help to develop a woman's soul. Guests are: Mary Beben, spiritual counselor and co-author of Walking the Prophetic Journey, Bonnie Damron, psychotherapist, Maryann Kurzak, liturgical dancer; Terry Holman, Body Therapist; and Ginny Koenig, teacher.

3. Two(2) part program on feminist and womanist theology. In the first program theologians discuss the similarities and differences between feminist and womanist theology, the contributions, challenges and new directions of feminist and womanist theology. In the second program issues such as women 9 s ordination, intercommunion, reclaiming women's roles in religious history are discussed. Guests are: Mary Hunt, codirector of Women's Alliance for Theology Ethics and Ritual, Kelly Brown Douglas, a theologian from Howard University, and Ruth Fitzpatrick, a writer and activist.

1. Reconciling Feminism and Spirituality
2. Images of God - 2 part program
3. Feminist/Womanist Theology - 2 part program