Condoms for Life Campaign

40 million people worldwide have HIV Aids. This GodTalk program features a discussion on the effectiveness of condoms in saving lives. Guests are Frances Kissling, president of Cathoics for a Free Choice, challenges the Roman Catholic bishops to tell the truth that condoms are effective and life-saving.

Dr. Albert Thomas, a physican discusses the effectives of condoms from a medical perspective, and Dr. Pauline Muchina, theologian and board member of AIDS Global Alliance, describes the sufferings of millions of women who are infected with the HIV AIDS virus due to violence and oppression.

Video Clips from GODTALKTV new program 2005.
"Condoms for Life Campaign"

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Condoms for Life Campaign This clip features Dr. Pauline Muchina
discussing the oppression and violence against women and young girls that results in their contracting the HIV AIDS virus.

Video Clip 3
In this clip, Dr. Albert Thomas, physican, talks about the medical effectiveness of condoms in preventing spread of HIV/AIDS virus.

Video Clip 4
Frances Kissling calls on Roman Catholic bishops to tell the truth about the effectivenss of condoms.


Video Clip 4
In this clip, Frances Kissling tells the story of an African bishop burning condoms and instructing married couples that it is better to die from HIV/AIDS and go to heaven, then to use condoms and risk eternal damnation.

Video Clip 4
Clips features a story of a dying woman from AIDS.

Video Clip 4
This clip features African theologian, Dr. Pauline Muchina, discussing the choice between following tradition or living according to the compassion of Christ in use of condoms.