Series K: Celtic Spirituality - There are four programs in this series. "In Quest of the Celtic Soul" is an one-hour special filmed in Ireland which focuses on the faith, myths, and celebrations that are part of Ireland's spiritual heritage. In this video, GodTalk host and producer, Bridget Mary Meehan explores the lives of women who were mystics activists and leaders in the early Celtic church including Brigit of Kildare, Ita of Kileedy, Cannera of Bantry Bay and Gobnait of Ballyvourney. Viewers are invited to enjoy scenes from "The Children of Lir", a theatrical production of Siamsa Tire from Tralee and music and dance of Bru Boru from Cashel, County Tipperary. The other three (3) programs feature a discussion on Celtic spirituality that focuses on the characteristics of Celtic Spirituality and the impact of Brigit of Kildare on the Celtic Spirit, and the importance of pilgrimage in the spiritual journey. Guests include Carol Crumley and Kathy Spaar from The Shalem Institute and Linda Karpuch, a seminarian from Virginia Theological Seminary.

1. In Quest of the Celtic Soul "New Video"
2. Celtic Spirituality
"Some snaps from Celtic Spirituality Journey: Ireland"
3. Brigit of Kildare
4. Pilgrimage