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March, 2007

Dear Friends of GodTalk:

A special thanks for your great support of GodTalk. Our goal in religious broadcasting is to build bridges of understanding between people from different faiths and to produce programs that foster spiritual growth, justice and equality. In a time when the world faces war and terrorism, religion is too often used to foster division and discrimination. Will you help us expand our mission with your tax-deductible financial contribution?

Here are some of our GodTalk productions that have aired on cable TV stations:
Interfaith Dialogue on War and Peace with guests Igor Heyman, a Mediator from the Jewish tradition, Shaker Elsayed, Secretary-General from the Muslim American Society and Rea Howarth, Coordinator of Catholics Speak Out.
Understanding Islam: A Dialogue with Muslims, a five-part series fosters dialogue on justice and peace issues between Islam and Christianity.
In Women of God, our seven-part series, women from Jewish, Muslim and Christian backgrounds explore biblical female witnesses like Sarah and Hagar, Miriam, Deborah, Esther, Mary and Elizabeth, and Mary of Magdala.

In 2005 GodTalk aired these thought-provoking and spiritual enrichment new programs: Creating a Spiritual Retirement, Mary for All Ages, The Legacy of Pope John Paul 11,
Is God in our Genes? Evil in an Age of Terror, The Young Feminist Network, Pope Benedict XVI: Opportunities and Challenges, Condoms for Life, A Spiritual Workout: Prayer Exercises for Soul Growth, A New Look at St. Mary of Magdala:Beloved Disciple of Jesus and Apostle of the Apostles, and Women's Ordination, Highlights and Moments to Remember;Roman Catholic Women's Ordinations in 2005 on St. Lawrence.

Your prayers and financial gifts will enable us to continue producing GodTalk programs and educational videos. Please make your tax-free donation to GodTalk Foundation and mail to GodTalk Foundation 5856 Glen Forest Drive Falls Church, Va. 22041. You can also give online with credit card at To order videos/dvds, visit web for descriptions of programs and order blank. Each video/dvd is $25 (includes postage). For more information, call me at 703-671-1972, or 703-283-2929 (cell) You can sponsor GodTalk on your local public access station at no cost to you, for information, please email me at

Sr. Bridget Mary Meehan, sfcc
Host and Producer of GodTalk TV