Series D. Women’s Empowerment - a ten (10) part series with representation from Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Bahai, Protestant and Roman Catholic communities who discuss issues of justice and equality.
1. A New Feminine Spiritual Awakening
2. Biblical Vision of Women as Equals and Partners
Guests include: Donna Mogan, a psychologist; Joyce Singer, a Jewish educator; Rosemari Sullivan, an Episcopal priest

3. Women's Empowerment
4. Experiences of Sisterhood
Guests include Tanaz Haddai, a Muslim leader; Diann Neu, co-founder of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual; Majorie Bankson, Editor of Faith and Work, a Christian Publication

5. Women in Leadership Roles in the Roman Catholic Tradition Sr. Chris Schenk and Rev. Lou Trivison from Future Church and Jim DeBoy , an adult religious educator.
6. Priest Shortage in the Roman Catholic Church Sr. Chris Schenk and Rev. Lou Trivison from Future Church and John O'Brien, a married priest from CORPUS, a lobby group for restoration of married RC priests.

7. Islam and Women's Rights - part one
8. Islam and Women's Rights - part two
Zieba Shorish-Shamley, an anthropologist and human rights advocate from Afghanistan and Sharifa Alkateeb, a writer and activist for justice and human rights issues for Muslim women.

9. Women of Faith - part one
10. Women of Faith - part two
Rabbi Tracy Klirs, Director of Education from Agudas Achim Congregation, Pamela Poudel, Teacher of the Hindu Tradition, Leila Milan, a representative of the Bahai faith and Rev. Andrea Hayden discuss spirituality, equality and justice for women in their religious traditions.