Series C. Gender and Sexuality - A ten (10) part series with representatives from Dignity USA, the Episcopal Church, Catholic Women’s Ordination Conference, Young Feminist Network, Call to Action, The Quixote Center, and Catholics for Contraceptives. Guests include Suffragan Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon, Andrea Johnson, Kerry Danner McDonald, Robert Miailovich, Dr. Frances Kissling, Charlie Davis, Rea Howarth, Rev. Bill Callahan, Rev. Jim Burch, Dr. Cathy Kopac, Dr. Peter Antoci.

1. Inclusive Language, Part 1 and 2.
2. Divorce, Annulment and Remarriage, Part 1 and 2.
3. Homosexuality and the Bible, Homosexuality and the     Bishops' Pastoral Letter, Part 1 and 2.
4.Women’s Equality and Jesus, Liberator of Women, Part 1 and     2.
Contraception, Part 1 and 2.