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God loves you tenderly and totally

"As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you."

Mary, Icon of God's Nurturing, Compassionate Love

"Forgive everyone, everything"

The Healing Science of Yoga. In this program, Dhananjaya Kumar, an expert on yoga, discusses the health benefits of yoga practice.

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NEW! "Happy Memories of Ireland" A Heart-Warming Video for the Holidays featuring a grandfather's journey back home to Ireland with his grandchildren!
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St. Winefride of Holywell, Wales. In this video, discover the story of a Celtic princess whose shrine has been a popular place of pilgrimage since the seventh century and where miraculous healings still occur in our times.

Celtic video clip:
St. Brigit's Well


Mary Ramerman, pastoral administrator from Spiritus Christi in Rochester, New York, addresses the issue of women in leadership in the church at CTA regional meeting in Arlington, VA.

Mary Ramerman raises the question: who is doing the ministry today?

Fr. Jim Callan, Associate Pastor at Spiritus Christi, Rochester, New York discusses the growth in numbers of new parish and the importance of letting go and taking risks.

Fr. Jim Callan, Associate Pastor of Spiritus Christi, Rochester, New York presents parallels between early Christian community and his Rochester parish community to Call to Action Regional Meeting in Arlington. For more information, contact www.spirituschristi.org

Moratorium on the Death Penalty. Human rights activists from around the world are calling for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty

In this program Shari Silberstein, an organizer at Equal Justice USA, presents strategies for effective grassroots organizations who are working for a moratorium on the death penalty.

Rachel King, legislative counsel for ACLU (the Amercian Civil Liberties Union) shares her perspective as a lawyer in opposition to capital punishment.

Healing Touch & Energy Therapy: Nurse-Instructor, Irene Morelli points out that Healing Touch is not alternative, but complimentary to medicine. For more information on healing touch and energy therapy visit: www.healingtouch.net

Michaela Donohue, nurse-midwife, talks about chakras or energy centers in part of one of a two part program on Healing Touch and Energy Healing.

Artist and Healing Touch Practioner Bev. Brown talks about the effects of healing touch in her life.

A Demonstration of Healing Touch and Energy Therapy.

Women of Faith Part 1, Women of Faith Part 2

Rabbi Tracy Klirs, Director of Education from Agudas Achim, discusses biblical foundation for action on behalf of justice in the Jewish faith.

Dr. Pamela Poudel, Teacher of the Hindu Faith, discusses goddesses in the Hindu Tradition.

Leila Milani, a representative of the Bahai Faith and activist for women's rights talks about justice as a foundamental principle of the Bahai Faith.

Dr. Zieba Shorish Shamley, anthropologist and human rights activist and Sharifa Alkhateeb, writer and activist discuss creation story and patriarchy in Islam

Discussion on adultery with Dr. Zieba Shorish -Shamley anthropologist and human rights activist and Sharifa Alkhateeb, writer and activist For more information on women's roles and rights in Islam visit web site:www.wapha.org

Conversation about Women's Equality in Islamic tradition Sharifa Alkhateeb and Dr. Zieba Shorish -Shamley

Spirituality and Sexuality, Dr. Patricia Dalton, Family Therapist and Rev. Roberta Nelson, Minister discuss the importance of role models for young people

Spirituality and Sexuality, Rev. Roberta Nelson discusses importance of mentoring

Spirituality and Sexuality, Dr. Patricia Dalton, Family Therapist discusses adolescent emotional

Laughter and Spirituality
with Sr. Ann Bryan Smollin